Who they are: MEDICI (formerly Let's Talk Payments) partners with FIs and banks to  accelerate their digital transformation journeys to maximize their innovation ROI.

Core Problem Statement: Their external company brand did not match their business model, service offerings, or showcase their biggest successes. This hindered them with lead generation, sales efforts, and credibility at times. Since they started off as one of the first and more prestigious FinTech blogs over 5 years ago, although they had done a substantial amount of consulting and advisory over the years for some of top Financial Institutions and Banks in the world, they were pigheld into being know as just a media company. They also were looking to create their first digital product line and needed support on the product creation, marketing stack identification and implementation and over launch strategy.

What we did: We worked though a brand-led business transformation effort where we worked closely with the CEO, co-founder, and the executive team to develop the company’s stand, their brand messaging and positioning. We also did a full identity rebrand from Let’s Talk Payments (the media blog) to MEDICI. #rebrand, #repositioning, #businessmodel, #productextension

Results: MEDICI’s website had a 360 degree complete rehaul to align their business model and offerings to their external brand. It has allowed them the ability to gain more visibility into the offerings they provide outside of the media blog. We also helped them create their first digital product, Inner Circle, which is becoming and industry-known asset for FinTech investors, analysts and enthusiasts.



Who They Are: They conduct technical diligence, minimum viable product development and go-to-market strategies for Private Equity.

Core Problem Statement: The work they were actually doing was not clearly articulated in their current brand, website, and offerings. It was also not clear in their positioning who their target market was and their brand story and pitch was not very refined. This lead to confusions externally--limiting their opportunities for lead generation and building strong brand awareness. #rebrand, #businessmodel, #serviceofferings

What We Did: We conducted a brand-lead business transformation exercise where we went deep into the CEO’s stand of why the company was in existence, got clear on the market opportunity and target market they were going after, and aligned their service offering to make it more cohesive and seen as a “NEED” vs. a “WANT” to their customer.

Results: We rebranded the name of the company for Radar Innovation Group to Moonshot Works. We created a new pitch for their offerings and created a differentiating brand story that allowed the CEO to better articulate their value proposition to their current clients and prospects. And now the company has several anchor clients and is continuing to grow by tackling some of the biggest challenges in the world from desalinization, blockchain use cases in new industries,  and more.



Who They Are: A virtual reality based training and development company for complex facilities management needs.

Core Problem Statement: The company's primary focus is to disrupt the way facilities operators are trained to maintain building and ships. They saw a major gap in the way knowledge is transferred from Mechanical Engineers to building operators, which led to inconsistent information and not enough direction, especially when a job is turned over from new construction. These gaps were the root cause for when major safety, operational, and environmental issues occur.  Enhanced Building Solutions was not a known player in the facilities management training market. In addition, the external market was also confused on what the company did--because from the outside it seemed that they had too many offerings without a focused mission.

What We Did: We helped craft EBS’s strategy for growth, tactics on how to get them there, and provided strategic guidance on closing of some major deals in the process. #BusinessModel, #Brandbuilding, #LeadGeneration

Results: Today Enhanced Building Solutions has contracts with some of the biggest hospital groups in New York, has worked on new age-virtual reality training on 2 major ship lines, and in the works of contracting with one of the largest government transportation agencies of all time. They made had a 200% increase in revenue in the first year after our engagement.

MedPro Billing Services


Who They Are: A highly specialized, boutique medical practice for high-end surgeons.

Core Problem Statement: The specialized medical billing firm did not have a brand and online presence when we got started, even though they had grown substantially in the first couple years.

What We Did: We worked with the CEO and his team to develop their brand architecture, messaging, positioning and provided guidance on their online presence. We helped them get clearer on their business model, value proposition, niche target market, and find the optimal cities to scale in next. We also created a marketing strategy against the growth goals of the company. #branddevelopment #brandpositioning #businessmodel #scalingstrategy

Results: In one year, the company has doubled in sales and revenues. They are in the process of expanding their reach by targeting key cities in the Mid-Atlantic territory.

Pain Care Outlet


Who They Are: An ecommerce pain care products and medical device store. They have another arm focused on medical device and wellness products contracts with large corporations.

Core Problem Statement: The company needed an emergency rebrand--initially just a naming exercise (due to a trademark issue); however, quickly became an opportunity to focus on an overall brand-lead business transformation exercise.

What We Did: Worked very closely with the CEO on repositioning the company to PainCareOutlet.com and helped her look into new trending alternative pain care product: CBD Oil.  products, services, target marketing and marketing strategies. #rebrand #productextension

Results: The company met its renaming needs, added a new product extension that resulted in six-figure monthly revenues (and growing), created their first sales funnels and leverage new digital strategies to enhance their marketing efforts.

Simply Chickie Clothing


Who They Are: An organic clothing store for babies and toddlers.

Core Problem Statement: They needed to create new sales channels, enhance their brand story, and develop more brand awareness.

What We Did: Worked with the CEO to develop a impactful brand story that was very authentic to her passion and her product line. We developed her sales pitch and tools to increase her distribution reach in retail stores across the United States and internationally. We reconfigured her product line to focus on the highest profitable and most popular products and packaged them in bundles for gift sets --which were a great fit for tradeshows, holiday sales, baby showers, and more. We provided digital marketing and social media strategies to increase her brand awareness and sales. And, lastly supported her efforts in pitching major publications like Parents.com, GreenChild.com, and Huffington Post for spotlights for her brand. #rebranding #productextension #marketingstrategy

Results: Simply Chickie has increased distribution by 250%. The extension of clothing sets was a catalyst for additional retail partnerships and an increase of 200% in sales than the year before. The company is very targeted on their niche market and are leveraging the core insights in their branding and marketing efforts through social media and PR outlets. They are also in process of working on a international licensing deal.